Animation speed is different between Android and HTML5


Yesterday I published in the showcases my final work in Defold.

Despite being completely bug free until next bug report, it has a strange glitch.

If you have the patience to test both the HTML5 version and the android version you will notice that the animation speed is much slower in Android…or at least is on my phone (a OnePlus 7t, so not low-end).

It’s especially evident with the animation that turns the orbs white after completing a combination.

Any reason for this?



Ok I found the answer I think.
It’s the screen refresh rate setting on my phone.

If I set it to 90Hz animations slow down in the android build.
At 60Hz animation speed matches the browser speed.

Note that I’m running the HTML5 build on my phone using Firefox to do this comparison, so the screen refresh setting seems to affect the android build but not the HTML5 build.

It’s worth mentioning that, to see the speed change after switching the screen refresh rate, I have to kill and restart the android app. Looks like some sort of “calibration” is done at game start?

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VSync /update rate (or whatever the real core cause is) related issues are frustrating. Hopefully eventually the engine can be changed to just work in all situations (like the case where VSync has to be manually enabled for the engine on some PCs in graphics control panel / some old iOS devices run the engine too fast in the same way and it impacts things like go/gui.animate animation timings being too quick). I’d guess something similar is getting confused in the situation you’re describing.

You could try setting the frame cap to 60 and unchecking display.vsync under your game.project file and then see how it runs on the mobile Firefox for HTML5 in comparison.

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Yes, the situation is frustrating and it is definitely something which we will resolve this year (it is part of our roadmap for 2021).