Android: how to stop auto-translation of the store listing (solved)

Hello all,

With a lot of help from the forum I have now successfully uploaded my app to Google Play for internal testing and it has been approved. Thanks again to everyone who helped me get this far!

Google auto-translates the store listing for every language the developer has not provided translations for. There is no way to stop them from doing so. But I would like the texts to be exactly as I wrote them.

Here is my question for the seasoned Android Developers here who might have had the same problem:
If I added my text as “translation” to all the available 70 languages, you think this would work?
Alternatively, if I created a custom store listing, added all countries, and added my text here, this should work, shouldn’t it?

Since it is impossible for me to check this, I am asking you for your opinion.

Thanks a lot in advance!

EDIT: I have decided to release only in countries where my app’s language is spoken and in those where I am able to translate the store listing myself. So, I’ll mark the topic as solved.