Android application signature by google


Hi! In the tutorial of Android development - creating a keystore is said that:

I set possibility for a google to create certificates for itself, but where I can add it to my application in defold?



You upload your app with a single upload certificate which you keep safe. The first time you do so Google Play gives you the option to let Google handle the release signing. If you do that then the certificate you use to upload with will only be used for that, and if you need it done you can ask Google support to reset your upload certificate if you accidentally lose it.



Sorry, not really got it how I can use single upload certificate. Google Console gives possibility to download only *.der certificates, but in defold it allows to add only keystore certificate.
Do I need to convert it somehow?



You do not upload any certificate, I mean it’s what you sign your apk with before you upload. It can be done with the editor / bob. Google play uses that signature for uploading only if you let it manage release certificates. Test the process on a test app name to see for sure how it works.

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