Android apk fails to install (SOLVED)


I have many problems with creating a proper apk, that wouldn’t fail during an instalation process on my Android device. I’ve tried to bundle the rendercam example by Ross Grams from Simple 2D Lightninig tread. It builds in Defold, but don’t start in dmengine and have an error on an Android device during installation:

Install failed. Update package not compatible, please uninstall and then reinstall. You can install this app in App Store.

Of course, then I bundled an empty mobile project from Defold and the result is the same :confused: I don’t know, where should I even start to find the reason of it. Could it be the device?



The RenderCam project doesn’t specify a package name in game.project:

This means that it defaults to com.example.todo. If you already have something else installed with the same package name then you’re likely not able to install it. Also, if you bundle without a key and cert Defold will generate one for you. We generate a new key and cert every time you bundle and since the key and cert differs between builds you also need to uninstall before you’re able to install the new build.



That was it! I had an old app on a device and of course I forgot to change package name in game.project. Now I’ll remeber that, thank you very much! :wink:

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