"Alt + Up/Down" for GO draw order inside collection


Creating the game level (scene) inside Defold. Suppose we have a collection for the level and lots of GO with sprite and spine component for backrounds, tiles, objects, etc. Cool. How we can change a draw order of this Go? Answer: create a pseudo layers with different z-index for backgrounds, objects, front, etc. Cool. But what if we have tons of objects inside a layer? First placed object is equal to first rendering Go within layer. No able to change draw order except manual tuning of z by input this value as numbers. It’s not cool.

For example at this image I want to make “a” behind “b”:

In GUI system we can select a node and press Alt + Up/Down to move a node up or down and change its index order. In collection we aren’t. List of objects in outline are ordering by alphabet (btw, what’s benefit of this?), but not the draw order.

So, feature request:
How about to make the same behaviour of sortering as we have in GUI? I mean change the draw order of object inside a list of all objects with the same Z-index.


I agree with Dragosha. Have same problem. :cry:


Would be cool as an option. Likewise with GUIs be able to toggle them to use their z for sorting.


Very useful feature! Vote up!


Would be very nice! Not only for changing draw order but for better organizing. If I want to locate some connected components/go’s together, now I would have to add common prefix to their ids.


Really nice idea, and very useful for quick development. Please add this things. Thank you for your work!