Alt+arrow left/right to get to the previous/next cursor position in Editor


What do you guys think of this convenient way of navigating through the code? In VS Code I usually use Alt+ left/right arrow to move back to where my cursor was previously and it is veeery convenient.



Have you suggested it as a feature using Help->Suggest Feature?



BTW, is this the standard (ie in other editors as well) or is it something only done in VS Code?



I don’t think it is a standard. For example in my Atom it behaves like in Defold Editor/VS Code with Ctrl. I don’t know how to describe it properly, so I’ll write “|” sign where the cursor stops when I’m clicking alt+left/right arrow:

|This| |is| |an| |example|

So when you are using a keyboard only, you can go back with your cursor normally by one character and while holding Alt(In Atom) / Ctrl (In VS Code/Defold), you skip whole words or whitespaces.

So I thought, if in Defold Ctrl+arrows already have this functionality, it would be nice to add Alt+arrows to handle jumping through history of cursor positions. I will suggest this feature, right now in the Editor 's github :slight_smile: (P.S. it’s Help->Report Suggestion)

Added suggestion: