Allowed to use defold in schools?


Hi, I’ m interested in teaching kids programming through lua and Defold looks like a good choice of engine for the matter.
My question is if it’s legal to do so, considering that I’d be the only grownup person involved and according to the ToS you have to be 18 to “register”. Are we legally in the clear, given those circumstances so I can just register myself once for all the children (or one account per kid, all made by me)?

Thanks for the information regarding this issue in advance.



We are reworking our terms and conditions to make them much less strict. The new terms and conditions will hopefully be published before the end of the year.

Defold is currently used by the non-profit organisation Hello World here in Sweden to teach kids to code and they are doing it with the blessing of King (King are corporate sponsors). We will not try to prevent anyone from using Defold in a teaching environment, and we will update our terms and conditions to reflect this.