Allow us to download the project files directly from the Dashboard


I’ve been playing around with Defold on a work computer, but the sign-up process didn’t go through the firewall (I assume), so I’ve been emailing myself the project files to get around that. Being able to download them directly would save me half the trouble. There might be some other cases where it would be helpful. Sometimes it’s hard to pull changes on a shitty connection, for instance.


Not sure what you mean?
If you can’t access the server, you cannot download the files.

It’s a regular git repo.
Have you tried using a git client directly?
You can get the access token (password) from your settings page on the dashboard.
See “Can I use external git tools?” here


Well, the computer in question wouldn’t allow the editor to sign up. I’m still using the built-in synchronization. So I can open Defold, but can’t download my projects - unless I just copy the project files manually and open them from disk.

Being able to download the files from the dashboard would make that easier.


Ok, you should look into learning the basics of git, then you’ll be able to pull/push the files from the dashboard, without using the editor.


While we do have basic Git support built into the editor I can’t stress this recommendation of learning basic Git commands and workflows enough. It is a superuseful skill for any game developer!