Admob tutorial

hello want to implement admob to my game and the manual is not good so I would like to have a tutorial or a good documentation please

What kind of problems do you run into? Did you check the AdMob example to see how the integration works?

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i tried the example it’s working

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Good to hear! :slightly_smiling_face:

hello is there any admob tutorial or documentation because the example are not working please help i only have 4 days before release

You already posted about this the other day and were pointed to documentation.

Do you have any specific questions? You can’t expect people to write a brand new tutorial!


What kind of problems are you facing? Do you see any errors in the console? What does the device log say? You can check this manual for that: Debugging - game and system logs

You need to be more descriptive with the questions and problems you are having so people can give you the help you need.

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theres no documentation there

You said it was working before. Why is it not working now? Are we expected to guess? Nobody can help you unless you describe your problem.

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The documentation of the AdMob extension can be found here: Defold AdMob extension API documentation. Have you read this manual?

In my last post I’ve pointed you to the example project where you can see how the intergration was done.

You said you tried the example and that it worked properly. What did you do to integrate AdMob into your own project. Do you get any errors in your console?

Have you read my previous reply as well? You really need to be more specific about the problems you are facing. As @Alex_8BitSkull said, we cannot guess what isn’t working properly and therfore we cannot give you the help you need.


i just made my mobile and i it’s the first i use admob and there is no documentation to use and the exemple gave a lot of java errors

There IS documentation, it’s now been highlighted to you twice. There are errors, but you won’t share them. How do you imagine you will get any help like this?

This is not about being a beginner, this is about learning how to ask for help in a way that respects the time of the people trying to help you, and enabling them to help you in the first place.


in the last post i said it’s not working the example is not working

In the quote below you did mention you tried the example and that it was working.

You said you are getting a lot of java errors. What did you do precisely to integrate AdMob into your project? What are the errors you are seeing in the console?

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i forgot not


it’s unreadable this way.
Could you pls copy/paste text of the error?

What is version of Defold you use?

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ok sure

java.lang.Exception: Setter of node 72057594037928415 (editor.gui/TemplateNode) :template could not be called
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: No implementation of method: :produce-value of protocol: #'internal.graph.types/Evaluation found for class: nil

you didn’t answer my question about Defold version.