Adding a spine scene - where?

Hi all,

Hopefully I’m just being dense but I’m trying to do the simplest thing of importing a spine project into Defold. I’m following the documentation and got to this part:

'When you have the animation data and image files imported and set up in Defold, you need to create a Spine scene resource file:

Create a new Spine scene resource file (Select New ▸ Spine Scene File from the main menu)
The new file opens in the spine scene editor."

So… where exactly is this Spine Scene File option? It isn’t under ‘File → New…’ and its not under any right-click context menu that I can find. Am I missing an asset download or something?

Thanks in advance!

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If I remember correctly:

  1. add a spine scene as a resource somewhere in your project (right click → New → spine scene)
  2. add a game object
  3. add a spine model as a component to the game object (right click on the game object in the outline)
  4. the spine model has a field called “spine scene” in its properties, add a reference to your spine scene in this field (if you click ->| in the field in the properties windows, a selection window with all the spine scenes in your project should appear)

Hope this help!


That’s what I thought but I don’t have the option of adding a Spine Scene in the Assets browser so I’m stuck at step 1 unfortunately.

I right-click in the asset browser, there’s no Spine Scene in the context menu under ‘New…’

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I think that you should add extensione-spine to your project. Spine is no more internally supported by Defold. See here: And you have to close and open Defold after adding the extension in the game.project so that the editor can fetch it (at least this is how I understand it and what I usually do :slight_smile: )


Ah thanks, that’ll be it! I was searching around the Assets page and Google to find a link but failed!