Add multiline dependencies list in game.project


In current game.project dependencies list declared in one line with comma separator

It is hard mergeable and no comfortable to see changes in VCS. Especially with 10+ extensions

Is it possible to add multiline values to game.project to make it diff friendly?
But, honestly, I don’t imagine best way to implement this in .ini type file



This has been requested internally as well, but not enough users have experienced enough pain with this to warrant a fix. Now with more and more native extensions and dependencies it might be worth looking into.



+1 my pain in manually editing in a text file out some dependencies when making builds when I want to build with bob directly and not open the editor to edit the dependencies.

At least I can recommend to people if you do this too to put the ones you typically edit out last in the list.

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+1 to make this list diff friendly

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+++++1 for this reason too.


Problem is this is an INI file right?

Solution is to define a dependencies file in the game.project, and then use a different format in that other file?



Definitly agree with this.
Either the ability to link to a different file or add the ability to have the .project as a yml file or similar (which I bet would be a lot of work?).