Ad mediation with Defold


I’m researching whether there is a straightforward way to use ad mediation with Defold.

It seems IronSource is an option, but I read somewhere the SDKs have to be manually added (?) (can’t find the thread now), which from experience can be time consuming and unpredictable.

Enhance should support this, has anyone released a game with Enhance mediation, using Admob or MoPub mediation, or any of the other mediating networks supported? It seems @marat.giliazov had some issues with Enhance in this thread.

Does the AdMob extension include AdMob mediation?



Doesn’t AdMob also require that you configure each ad network manually and set them up for mediation + integrate the SDK?

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Very possibly. I’d be very interested to see if anyone out there has had experience with this in Defold? I’d like to get an idea of how much effort ad mediation would be.



ADS Mediation starts work from at least 10.000 impressions per day. Better if it’s 10.000 impressions per day per country.



A client has asked me to include this in a quote, so to me the thing I’m interested in learning is simply - can mediation be done with Defold, and how much effort is it?



I’ve successfully released an iOS app with ads integrated via Enhance. First, I’ve used “manual mediation” provided by Enhance - it’s very simple waterfall. Second, it’s not clear from the docs how they support other mediation SDK like Admob - I expected to choose ad networks to be added under mediation on some step of “enhancing”, but there was no such step. And third - personally I’d not recommend to use Enhance, as some (or even most?) of their SDKs seems to be not updated for past 2 years and I did not get back from their support on my last issue. So it does not look like a solution for production you can trust.

My IronSource extension works, as I wrote in comments currently I’m using IS + 5 ad networks on iOS without any issues, and IS + 2 networks on Android (I have some issues there, they should be solvable, but it’s not in my priority list right now).

As for adding networks to IS - yes, you need to add native libs manually to the extension. It’s not so hard if you did this once or twice. If you never worked on Defold native extensions it can be little tricky, but it’s not a rocket science, just reading docs, downloading and pasting libs and testing them all together.

I know few other developers, who are integrating IronSource mediation to their Defold projects in progress, and I’m trying to help them and share my “setups” with exact SDKs added to extension. Also, there are few branches in the repo called “mediation/admob”, “mediation/unity” etc, which include such SDKs added and to use both of them you just need to merge such branches.

If it will be more demanded we can think about making each ad-network-piece as a separate extension, so adding new networks will be as easy as adding new dependency in your project, but:

  1. I’m not 100% sure if it’s possible
  2. I don’t really want to spend my time on this :grimacing:

But at least I can find some time to describe steps more detailed in the docs, if anyone needs this.



Thanks @marat.giliazov, that’s really useful and perfectly explained. I have a good grasp of how mediation could work now. a82fd4314a946f76



A new client asked me the same question; “Can we add AdMob mediation to the game?”.

Unless I’ve missed an update, I think the answer is still no? One option might be to extend the AdMob extension to include mediation support. I’m not able to do this myself.

Would anyone be able to guess how much effort this would be? It might be something we’d be willing to pay to get developed. PM me if interested!