Access to default light source in 0,0,0?

Looks like concentrating on 2d I’ve totally missed all that 3d render stuff, so really don’t get it how to access that default light source that is right in 0,0,0 of world coordinates.

Can I move it or how to turn off that thing? Thanks!

I don’t really understand your question but I do understand that you are trying to use lights, and in that case, you may be interested in this : Simple 2D Lighting - #9 by ross.grams or this : publicexamples/examples/simple_lights at master · britzl/publicexamples · GitHub, hope this helps!

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Thanks! I found a way to bypass that, but anyway still need it solved (

So I create a plain with a texture in a new project. Then I put it in a 0,0,0 world coordinates. And seems like project already has some light source there (0,0,0). It lights my plain as shown on the screen above. And I don’t know how to address that light, or move it or maybe even turn it off.

Right now I just moved all my stuff to -500(z) and if works fine. But some perfectionist in me still wants all layers in 0,0,0 =)

I think that might be some glitch of some sort, I’ve never seen it, but anyways, I don’t even really know how to use lights, I just saw that you maybe needed some help with it, so I linked you to those threads, I hope that’s ok.

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Is that a 3D model you are rendering? If you check the model.material you see that there is a light among the vertex constants. And if you check the model.fp there is an ambient light calculation that combines with the light constant.

You can check the Basic 3D template to see how you can move the light: template-basic-3d/main.script at master · defold/template-basic-3d · GitHub


Thanks! Occasionally I’ve just switched to sprites. Seems like there’s almost no difference between using planes with textures and pure sprites. And yes. Light has gone!