About html loading (Issue-4626)


Hi i have some questions about how html loading work.
1)First index.html load engine binaries(wasm or asm)(no progress bar showing ?)
2)Then it show progress bar, while loading content?
3)Progress bar is strange. It is load normal(image 1 - 2, then it set to small value when all content load, image 3 )
Looks like bug=)
112 2
3 3

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Make a ditry hack to fix progress bar.
Can you please, make a normal fix in engine.
A use html build all day, and bug in progress bar is annoying :grinning:

  updateProgress: function(targetOld) {
        var total_downloaded = 0;
        var targets = this._targets;
       //here was targetOld. And when it load new target,total downloaded was for new target.
       // It does not add prev loaded targets bytes
       // but _totalDownloadBytes is bytes for all targets.
        for(var i=0; i<targets.length; ++i) {
            var target = targets[i];
            for (var p in target.progress) {
                total_downloaded += target.progress[p].downloaded;

        for(i = 0; i<this._onDownloadProgress.length; ++i) {
            this._onDownloadProgress[i](total_downloaded, this._totalDownloadBytes);
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Created Issue-4626

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