About Editor HTTP API

Editor HTTP API is a great tool for 3rd party editors.

I know it is in experimental state and I know it log the ‘util.http-server’ if it started from console and it works fine.
But, how can we get/find the http server port externally? Is there a way to get ‘util.http-server’ value from console by calling/reading any file or from somewhere, somehow? :slight_smile:

I think what we want is to let the developer either let the editor pick a random port like now or make it configurable. The port is provided here:

The 0 indicates that a random port will be picked:


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Thank you, I assume currently there is no way to set it.
I found this workaround, but it would be perfect if the port number can be configured from editor’s preference window. I guess, I have to feature request?


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Done: Configurable port for Editor HTTP API · Issue #8737 · defold/defold · GitHub

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