Ability to select multiple tiles from tile palette in map editor


It would be helpful to be able to select a block of tiles from the tile palette in the same way as you can when right-clicking and dragging a selection on the map itself.

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Sure you already know but you can still create some “brushes” on the tilemap itself (somewhere aside) and then shift+select them when ever needed.

What I would rather like to have, is a bigger tile palette preview, as I have 8x8px tilesource which appears to be tiny.

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@Erik_Angelin, @Ragnar_Svensson and @Ragnar_Dahlen, what are our plans for improving the tilemap editor? Will we make it easier to work with the tile palette viewer when the tiles are small like in the example above?



Thanks for the feedback @benjames171 @jack0088!

Our main focus right now is to reach feature parity with current editor so we can ship an initial version of editor2 and get people to test it, hopefully benefitting from the many, many general improvements it will bring and as always happily receive feedback on things to improve.

For the specific case of working with small tiles, we will make an improvement in the new editor so that tilesources with “small” tiles will be magnified in the palette.



May i check if it is possible to select ‘multiple tiles from tilesource’ and then paste this selection of multiple tiles into tilemap?



You can shift select multiple tiles that you have already drawn in your tilemap and use those as a brush.

You can NOT select multiple tiles from the tile palette.



This is mentioned here: https://defold.com/manuals/tilemap/#creating-a-tile-map

" You can pick tiles directly from a layer and use the selection as a brush. Hold Shift and click a tile to pick it up as the current brush. While holding Shift you can also click and drag to select a block of tiles to use as a larger brush."