4321 Puzzle


Hello! Sometimes I am working on my small puzzle game.
Now it is in open beta for Android users, and I want to share it with this brilliant community :wink:

4321 Puzzle - is puzzle, where you need to fill all the field with colorful lines. Each line has a length, what you need to stretch over field.
Simple, easy, addictive. Can you try it and give feedback to me?

AppStore link
Google play link
Amazon link (old version now)
Community page link

HTML5 Web Demo

Btw, there is some my social accounts (subscribe!:slight_smile: )



Nice one, congrats on releasing! :confetti_ball::tada:

Since the thread starts off with a released game, I’d say showcase is a good choice. By the way, care to post a HTML5 demo to the community page? All of us without Android phones would be eternally grateful


For now I added HTML5 demo to my community page.
Or you can play it here: https://d.insality.com/4321/

Tested on iPhone and Anrdroid in chrome (web-mobile). Pretty playable

Soon: two more packs of levels and iOS build


Love the simplicity while being challenging, and it looks really nice as well! Looking forward to the iOS release! :+1:


blocked under our firewall. MB it is actually unsecured http?


It is strange. Will see later, but usually is all ok
You can check the game here, on community page: https://www.defold.com/community/projects/89473/


How did you pick the sound effects for the game? No music? Is there just the one “hit” sound effect when you click a button?

I imagine a jelly or rubber sound might make sense as you draw a path. Also need a success sound effect. And maybe a level start sound. Soft / light / uplifting. I would also change the button click sound as it is a harsh one and a softer one would be better.


That is an insta-buy for me! Brilliant game.


it is awesome. We’re hooked here in the office.

Also we really should fix the Safary/Defold logo bug =\


For now ready iOS build in AppStore:
AppStore Link
and shortener link for HTML5 build (link in main post)

Collecting stats and preparing levels&&changes now


Fantastic! Installed and enjoying now! :smiley:


I am soon running out of levels!


Very nice game! We’re already playing it a lot over here!

Found some issues though (iPhone 8+).

  • First, the outer tiles on the sides are located slightly outside of the screen
  • Second, I happened to create a broken “line” (the red line, as seen in the picture), and then it wouldn’t go away, and it blocked the path.

Some general thoughts/feedback:

  • Imho, the tiles’ dark color, their border color and the background color are too similar. It’s a bit hard to distinguish between them.
  • Later in the levels, the “red dot”, seems out of place. After my first bug, this felt like a bug too. And it has the same feature as if there was no tile there at all?
  • A reset button might be useful (as opposed to clicking on all the first dots) to clear the table

Also, I’m wondering about the colors. Since ~8% of all males have colorblindness, it might be a good thing to think about. Here are some variations (from here):
Protanopia, tritanopia and deuteranopia.
Another site to test with is found here


Yaaaay! Waiting for more puzzels! :blush:


Damn. Sven beat me by a minute…


Hey! Currently live the first content update! Meet the next simple 60 levels :slight_smile:
Next season will be with the new mechanic! And levels will be harder :wink:

What’s new:

  • first content update! Meet the 60 levels in pack “Usual 2”
  • game size decreased!
  • added nice sound effects!
  • added restart button
  • better graphics (especially on tablets)

AppStore link
Google play link


Just downloaded this from the app store. Its super fun. Care to share some tips on how you drew the lines? Keep up the good work.


This one can’t be solved… (see orange and yellow in top left corner. And the green 2).

Also, I need more levels! :slight_smile:


Btw, holy cow level 27!


Thanks for your report! My mistake with color of bg cell
Do my best, I hope next levels will be more interesting :slight_smile: