Cosmos Lines - Relaxing Puzzle Game

I got really hooked on this game. I’m checking the app store every other day, hoping to find an update which fixes Usual2#59 as reported above… when do you think an update will be out? We can make a deal, I fix something in Defold for you if you give me more levels. I NEED MORE LEVELS! :smiley:


Wow, it is very motivating
Currently im preparing something cool, but i like this deal
every level pack for issue what i needed? :smiley:

Anyway, thanks for patience :wink:


Finally, update 1.1 is live now. Next releases will be more often



  • Fixed level 59 from pack “Usual 2”
  • New mechanics: Bridge and Color swap
  • Two new packs (!): “Bridges 1” and “Color swap 1”
  • You can watch ads for 2 hints (if you dont have it)
  • Improved animations of hints, fields and season victory
  • Improved game performance

AppStore link
Google play link

:wink: Ragnar, select one or both:


This game is really cool. Well done!

I need to get back to work, but I can’t stop playing just one more level :smiley:!


I feel really bad for not staying true to my promise, but the window of opportunity has unfortunately closed for my part. Could you still tell me more about the second issue about the sound? I’ll look around to see if someone else feels like fixing it, no promise though. Sorry for this… :frowning:


Dont worry, it is not a problem :wink:

The issue about music:
On Android, when I am listening music by Music Player, if i am using play_sound in Defold game, it stop the music playing
I want to listen sounds from my game and music from my player. on iOS it is works well. On other Android games too.


Thanks for the update!
I really like the bridges so far.

Found a bug though, managed to finish this level with two left:

And this:


Hey, thanks for playing!
Some levels have different solutions and yes, you can complete them without using all lines length.
So this is by design © :slight_smile:

Probably, it can seems strange, i will take a look



Hey! The 1.2 update is live now! Changelogs here:

  • Release on Android!
  • New level pack “Mix 1”
  • Added achievements! Can you get them all?
  • Settings window (Facebook login + Facebook group link)
  • Now you can disable the ads
  • New small animations
  • Balance previous levels

Can you rate my game on Android? :wink:

AppStore link
Google play link


Hello here! So many time was no updates. So, meet the new update of my puzzle rework.
The blue update :slight_smile:


  • New visuals and new tutorials. Now game should be clearer for new players
  • No more level packs. All levels now in one row. From 1 to ~400
  • No more menu screen, level select screen. Only game :slight_smile:
  • Hint will open 4 cells instead 1
  • No banner ads, no achievements

This gif from slack, you can see how game looks now

Update the game and leave some feedback :slight_smile:

Next steps: Publish on amazon and fb instant (they already are, but need some updates), and make better ASO (I am new at this)

Love Defold <3


Oh, you have it up as an Instant Game? Didn’t know that! Is everything working as expected with the Instant Games extension? Anything missing?


Im publish so a lot of time ago. I can publish my game on world, but now it on soft launch
It have facebook ads, and probably iaps, dont remember :slight_smile:

All worked as expected, a large amount of players by Facebook analytics is from messenger, but metrics is very low :slight_smile:
Lets see how they changed after this update. Will post something here, if will be interesting news

ps: added amazon link to header. After some time will update on it too. Want to see, how to work with this platform


Cosmos Lines

Hello! It’s time to post something in this topic! (As my user status said - the Necromancer :skull_and_crossbones: )

This game was my first released game when I was studying Defold. In the past few weeks, I decided to invest some time into refreshing the visuals and overall gameplay experience of this game and re-releasing it.

Today, it was officially launched on Poki, and I also republished the game on iOS!

Congratulations to me, and let’s check it out! :rocket:


iOS: ‎Cosmos Lines on the App Store


I really like the update!

I’m currently on level 16, and it feels like it gives visible hints quite often. Often right after the level starts which feels “too soon”.
Personally, I’d like to only see them after some time has passed and I still haven’t finished the level.
Just my 2 cents :slight_smile:

Also, the ads are quite long (perhaps because I turned down Unity’s offer of free cookies?!).


Thanks for the feedback! Probably it’s funny to return and see changes after 5 years :smiley:

Already got some feedback about “often hints” and probably I should reduce amount of them in start of the game, let’s see how people react on this.

And thanks about unity ads feedback on iOS, will check it too!