How to start developing connecting dots like game?

I am new to game development, I would like to know where do I start like,
will tilemap suits here or
simple sprites or
rive animation

Also, what for background, its a gradient of colors but having a paralax kinda effect and colors are diffusing and changing with a relaxing outcome.

where dots are shown to player and player will touch the screen to join the dots.
Example in pic.
Screenshot from 2023-10-29 15-24-10


Start by doing a few of the built-in tutorials:

I would probably use Sprites, or maybe I’d even try implementing all of it using GUI nodes since you get picking for free.

This sounds like a shader which produces a gradient which is modified by some noise algorithm.

Sounds similar to Cosmos Lines: Cosmos Lines - Relaxing Puzzle Game


Thanks for quick response,
yeah the game you shared is similar what I want to develop.
I will try it first with sprites, thanks

Any tutorial for this game :

I don’t think there are any tutorials for that game. But if you have specific questions you can always ask @Insality about the game.