2nd Player Not Firing


Hello there, I’m relatively new to coding with Defold, but I have a problem. I used the War Battles tutorial and added a second player with its own code, but similar it’s similar to the first player. The only thing I changed is the id for the game input. For example, the tutorial states to use “up” as the id for moving up. So what I did for the second player is that I used a different input, but changed the id to “up2.” The movement system works, but the firing system does not. Similarly to the movement system, I used the id called “shoot” for the first player. For the second player, I used “shoot2” and used a different input for it. The problem arises when I put the game on HTML, the second player stops shooting, but in the game engine it works.

Here’s the website for the game: http://foothillertech.com/student/webdesign/2017/MARA/war/

First player controls: WASD for moving and SPACE for firing.

Second player controls: UP DOWN LEFT RIGHT and M for firing.


Can you post the code?


As @sicher said, I think the code is necessary to determine the source of the error.