2d or 3d games?

what type of games can i make 2d only or can i make 3d games as well and does defold have visual scripting since i cannot write code at all?

No, you need to write your game logic using the Lua programming language. It’s a fairly simple language to learn.

You can make both 2D and 3D games, but Defold is currently better suited for 2D game development.

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So firstly, you should know: DEFOLD IS FANTASTIC. It’s definitely a 2D machine at heart, although people have easily made it work with 3D games. And you can basically use it to make… anything.

However: coding is not easy, especially if you’re also learning a new programme and it’s your first time making games. My advice would be to start with Stencyl, which has a visual scripting


Same here… I’m a GUI artist and actually intended not to write even a single line of code ever in my life. =)
But Defold is waaaaaay more friendly than Unity. Not sure if it can be used as 3d engine, but it’s an incredible engine for 2d games even in WIP stage.

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