2D Grid

I am writing this post for more visibility since no one have replied to my request: 2D Grid for The Editor · Issue #8407 · defold/defold · GitHub

Do you have maybe an account on Github to post it there using the first link in your post?

All issues are tracked in Github and Defold team organizes their work looking into this, so it’s better to put it there and eventually add on forum/Discord to highlight it to other users who might upvote it (or tell you about alternative solutions).

If you don’t have an account, I can create a ticket in Github for you (but you won’t be modified about any changes there) - do you want me to create it or will you do it by yourself? :slight_smile:

I do not understand, were you not able to access the issue in this link, did I post it in the wrong place, it was posted by me.

I’m sorry. I usually reply to all new issues. I do agree that it would be useful to have a useful grid for 2D game development.

How would you suggest it can be implemented and I did not understand how I can make this request visible in discord server for recognition. Which channel I must post it on?

Ok, sorry, for the confusion! I missed the link in this description and thought you just pasted the text only here… :sweat_smile:

I don’t know yet. There are several questions which need to be answered. How does the user configure the grid size? Editor preferences window or something else? Should the fixed grid size only be used when the scene editor uses Orthographic projection and not Perspective? You mention snapping as well. I think this is a separate thing from the grid and should be a separate request. Also, how would the snapping work? How does it work in other editors?

You can share it in the editor channel, or source-code channel. But you don’t really need to share it there too.

In other editors, snapping usually involves a grid, that’s why I combined them. In some cases snapping mode is triggered by a keybinding (like shift) or a UI button. After it is enabled, when the object’s position is modified with UI handles, it changes the position of the object according to its dragged position but approximating it to the configured cell size of the grid to fit it to the grid. I saw similar implementations with adjusting size/scale as well.

Great. Please add this to the ticket on GitHub as well.


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