Zombies Fall - brick breaker arcade


Hello to all, I have been using Defold its almost a year but never introduce myself in this forum. I am UI/UX Designer from India started learning Defold in panademic and wanted to make this my full time job.
In start of this year I started with my first game project - a brick breaker arcade , this is so far I have come

My programming skills is weak but still trying and trying to get the result want i want. I can’t say when I will complete this because I am still learning and breaking stuffs and getting stuck a lot.
I really enjoyed working with Defold Engine and looking forward learn.



Hello @vikash!

Thank you for sharing your game. It looks fun! Please share a link to a playable version if you have and I’ll be sure to promote it in the next Defold newsletter.



For aiming raycast line - I am positioning a list of GOs with dot sprites to position along the path of raycast path but not getting how to do for reflected path. How I can add dots in reflectd ray line also in raycast.

dotted line raycast



I updated the other thread with an answer.

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