Zabolla and the Jars Gang, now free on Google Play


Hi Defolders,

We are a team of two and we now have our first Defold game “Zabolla and the Jars Gang” free on Google Play.

The game is “free with Ads” or “in-app purchased once to disable Ads”.

It took us a net of 1.5 years with only one person full time and another “when possible”.

The game is available in English and Arabic.

Defold and other tools are mentioned in our credits screen.

We really enjoyed the fully text-based nature of Defold, very powerful combined with git.
Thanks a lot to the whole Defold team.

Best wishes
Amr Ergawy (Game design and Native Extensions)
Amira El Gamal (Game development and 3D modelling)

Please check our YouTube videos with examples of game play, text overlays only in Arabic.

Mission 1, very easy difficulty:

Mission 5, medium difficulty:



Very nice I will try it for sure. Be well and keep up the good work. Many thanks

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Thanks a lot.

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Hey, congrats on the release!

The Google play link states the item is not available in my country (Malaysia). You may want to check on that … cheers and good luck!



Hi Bill,

Thanks for your interest and sorry for the inconvenience.

We planned to start with the release in the EEA region and English/Arabic speaking countries where Google handles the VAT for us. We plan to expand gradually.

Thanks again and Best wishes.



Hi again Bill,

The game is now available in Malaysia, with the latest update.

Best wishes,

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