Your Global Game Jam games and reflections


I am trying to assemble all GGJ games under this post. Help me, if I missed something:

Also we at Defold team would be extremely happy to hear your pros/cons for using Defold at a game jam.


cool thing in St Petersburg - 3 Defold teams at GGJ at a single spot!
@cytherabbit @d954mas @ilyabiltuev and everybody else, was it easy to recruit people to work on a Defold game or did you work alone for this jam?


there we go, one of the teams from SPB got a debrief of their Defold experience at GGJ:


In this jam i worked alone. When i worked with artist in prev jam, she don’t use editor.


Hi all!
My game is Handshake, the physics based game for 2 players :v:

I used Defold and really liked it because I can create a HTML5 build which can be played online by my friends. It was one of the reasons I stopped using native iOS SpriteKit for game development.

I am a newbie in Defold’s physics, so it took some time how to do things I need.

  1. Writing physics for kinematic objects manually is hard :confused: So I used dynamic collision objects and applied forces to them. It doesn’t feel very good, I know, it feels more like landing a spaceship :sweat_smile:
  2. I did not find info about joints for several collision objects, so I build some structures from circles and rectangles(dynamic collision objects)
  3. I heard some good things about raycasts, that they magically solve problems with kinematic collision objects, but I didn’t find any good tutorials. Please share if you have one

Thank you guys for Defold! :slight_smile:


@Oleg_The_Evangelist You add my game twice=) itch link is unnecessary


Finding teammate who would give Defold a try (not making art/music/game-design) is difficult. In fact, so difficult I gave up and decided to jam alone (Yet Daniel Shek joined my team). Turns out, many devs know about Defold, though prefer using Unity because it’s popular and familiar. To be honest, I also thought of using Unity, just to join my friend’s team. :sweat_smile:


fixed :wink: Thanks for noticing.


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