Your games art showcase here


Hey all!

We’re about to print some art for Global Game Jam partner sites, and we’d love to use your games art. Atm we’re thinking about A5 format, single or double. We’ll design it ourselves so it looks similar to these with a Powered by King logo and a Make Better Games! shoutout.

If you’re into showing your games to the world, put your games art to a .zip file and post it here. Attach some better images to the post, so it is easy to guide.

As you see on the samples, the quality of art differs. Some images have game names, some don't. This is up to you. And it is up to us to choose the art we think is best to leverage the Make Better Games shoutout.


Diyu here! :slight_smile: Feel free to crop as you wish: (85.5 KB)


Thanks! I guess I should post some privately submitted art here. To inspire everyone =]


You’ve seen the latest newsletter, right? =]

Combustion - exploding train runner

Our latest ad for PocketGamer Connects London. Thanks everyone who submitted their art. Next creative - booth for GDC SF.


Hi Oleg!
When is the latest date to submit graphics? (To have a chance to get included for GDC.)


Various games, including Psychophant. (7.0 MB)


Gurkan. According to the competition rules:

The competition opens at [2016-11-11 at 00:00 CET and closes at [2017-01-22] at 23:59 CET. If you make any entries outside of this period they will not be valid.


I was just thinking about submitting game art, I guess it’s separate from the competition?


Oh, sorry. Yes, that is separate. @Oleg_The_Evangelist knows.


We’re about to start working on booth and printouts design. I’ve contacted some of the teams and collected art. Will keep this thread updated.



  • Taller format
  • Lower format
  • Lower format, A5
  • With and without possibly obscene gesture
  • With and without logo

Feel free to edit.

Sorry for the low resolution, didn’t plan for print initially. [Added new 300 dpi versions.]


Thanks! Got your art. Starting working on the GDC booth design now.


Here is some Enter the Infinite art:

Like Gurkan i never had print in mind when creating the art, so i hope the resolution is still sufficient. And of cause you can edit it as you wish to fit the booth design.


Cheers! @Axel is working on the backwall design already.