Yodo1 Mas(Ads mediation)

Native extension for yodo1 mas.

MAS is the world’s highest-performing game monetization platform.

Grow revenue, get paid quickly, and focus on what you love: making great games.

Installing MAS instantly powers up your game with 15 ad networks and mediators. MAS will always show the ads that bring you the most revenue.

If you try it. Please use my refferal link :slight_smile:


It have problems now and i do not test it in production.
But maybe someone find it useful)

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I am trying to fix a banner and interstitial view not visible. @Mathias_Westerdahl @britzl
In sdk i find that lines.

 public void showYodo1Ads(Activity activity) {
        if (isLoaded) {
            frameLayout = activity.findViewById(android.R.id.content);

It takes root view, and add a new view to root. They think that it is frameLayout.

I can’t find what kind of root view used in defold. Is it frameLayout?
If not can i change it to frame?

[Update] i find it is NativeContentView.

You can take a look how AdMob extension implemented banners.

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