Writing a book on Defold


Thank you all for supporting! I promise the final book will be super great! Publishing new PDF very soon but not yet.

Still working on polishing, still going through all of part one and fixing issues I had when I first wrote the chapters, rewriting some sections that are not clear enough, and adding a few more chapters to part one. I’m scheduling at least one more week for the next month full time working on this book only. If anyone has requests about the examples I can prioritize different ones that I have planned.


Right now I’m working on testing and detailing all of the API with examples and use cases. Also adding a chapter on the basics of linear algebra.


Aaaand yet another customer! :tada: :smiley:


I think I was number 10.


Thank you guys!

Have a basic site for the book up now. Over time I’ll be uploading some of the HTML5 examples to this domain, and will have some downloadables hosted there.


Still polishing first draft of part one. Almost there!


I already bought and look forward to acces to the book! :nerd:


Bought! Looking forward to see how this book will turn out as time goes on. :slight_smile:


You got another sale :slight_smile: Keep up the good work, can’t wait to get the next pass!


I bought it too! :slight_smile: Looking forward to see more content!


Still working! There is still some content I missed in part 1 that I’ve been adding in, and have been working on the math sections. I think it is worthwhile to explain concepts like Euler Angles and Quaternions for Defold users if they are not already familiar with them.

Here is an alternative version of the Easing Equations demo that is not as useful but fun to look at: https://www.bookofdefold.com/examples/EasingEquations_alt/


Made a 3d model of the Defold logo, and working on a super nice custom render for book cover.


very nice but I think i seen that somewhere :slight_smile: Just wondering on the eta to part one of the book?


Very soon. It is polishing the text and adding more details that is taking more time than I thought.


No worries, just getting anxious to read more :slight_smile:


Purchased the book two days ago waiting for the next update :slight_smile:


Been getting a lot more done. Very close to publishing an update…! At the moment, I’m working on another version of quickly referencing the API offline based on a single HTML page which can be downloaded for offline viewing / a page to that can be quickly gone to to quickly see the full API fast… but first version I publish won’t be the last as I’d like to make it work more like Zeal / Dash once the basics are done.


This is good news though starting to get impatient for some reason I check this more than even my email waiting on an update. Really excited I guess :slight_smile:


Here’s what this reference looks like. You can click the tabs and API reference for each area is shown with examples and explanations. Doing a quick Lua area of the cheat sheet now, basic style guide, and then I’ll upload this online as a webpage and a downloadable next, then do a few more things I want to do on the book before uploading the next update for that.

Later I’ll add a search box to the top right, and it will all be able to work offline as an html page without anything else but a web browser.


looking good cant wait !!!


Looking forward to this book. There’s a lot to learn Defold and this book I find is a great solution to all of this. :slight_smile: