Word Worm


Word Worm is a word-making game against the clock. The goal is to get a little worm to the finish line by making words using the letters that block the worm’s path. Once a word is accepted, the letters will disappear, making new space for the worm to move into.

There is presently a dictionary of 84,000 English words. I originally used a much larger database but it made it too easy to cheat - every other random word you ‘make up’ is actually an obscure English word, it seemed.

Further instructions are on the community page and in the game itself.

Community page link


Nice, love it!


Well done!

I forgot to mention once you reach the finish line the next level goes a bit faster… I’ve only reached level 6 so far!


Really cool, @Ben_James! Fun idea, great execution (as always).

Working on a laptop with no external mouse, it would’ve been nice to have keyboard shortcuts for delete letter/clear word as well.

Also, might have found a bug (pun not intended, but in hindsight I’m very glad this moment just happened). Tried to submit “Myst”, which was accepted (footer letters disappeared when pressing space, which they don’t when submitting an erroneous word), but the letters on the board remained. Tried thrice before I died, with the same result.


That’s strange - “myst” isn’t in the dictionary and shouldn’t have been accepted. The footer letters and selected letter outlines are supposed to disappear after submitting the word regardless of whether it’s in the dictionary. You get a different sound effect though and the actual letters disappear from the board if the word is good.

Will add some keyboard shortcuts for sure!


Found a bug: you can finish level early if you manage to build a path to the bottom of the level


That’s not actually a bug! It’s meant to be like that as a way for advanced players to get to later levels more quickly. I really should put this stuff in the instructions…


Amazing as always! Really hard after a few levels :slight_smile:


Oh yeah, you’re absolutely right – my bad. I came to the bug conclusion when I couldn’t submit the word “My” (which didn’t disappear), but I guess words need to be longer than two letters?


Ah okay, that makes sense! Yes 3 or more letters are needed. I might need to put in a sound effect or something for that. Thanks for the update!


great and simple litte game :slight_smile: gratulations!


v1.1 is out now with a few minor changes regarding controls:

Z and X now mirror the left and right mouse buttons. This should make things easier for everyone using laptop trackpads and the like. Also, the C key will completely clear the current letter selection.

A left mouse click (or pressing Z) will now deselect a letter as well as select it. I’m hoping this wont be confusing as, for example, accidently removing a letter from the beginning of a word will be added to the end if it’s reselected.

The backspace key will now work as expected. I instinctively went for it a few times during early testing so added that key binding.

That’s all for now. There may well be an Android version coming in the next week or so.

Thanks to everyone who played and offered suggestions.


Android version is now available here - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.onesevenone.wordworm