WIP Save Your Cogs - puzzle platformer



About. This is a logic platformer. Help robots reach level exit but before collect all cogs. I do not focus on physics, physics just a part of gameplay. I am not a master of presentations) just download and try) The game is better played than it looks

Current state. Beta version contain all 20 completed levels. 2 levels need rework by the reaction of players. Need create menus, add some arts, fix some minor bugs, but game a ready. I plan post it for “gameoff2018” gamejam but found another one “Indie Game Making Contest 2018”. igmc2018 has greate prize pool, but one, only for the first place. In any case this is greate place to start for indie dev, maybe game be interesting for Degica publisher. I am realist but also a dreamer) maybe with you help i am win! )

What is next? Wait end of igmc2018 and pitch game to the HTML5 portals. In same time think about next world with another 20 levels. Unfortunately game controls not friendly to mobile platforms ( but i try publish game on Andoid too later.

Player reaction? I get feedback from twitch streemer and other players and reaction is positive. But many players try complete levels in style “try, rewind, try, rewind …” instead “think, try, rewind, correct mistakes, complete”)

Sorry currently i hasnt WEB build because I have little time. So use native builds. Win and MacOS builds works greate but Linux build is broken - i create separate bug report today. Cannot change files before end of judgement

Please support me and project at https://itch.io/jam/igmc2018/rate/336032

Thank you!

Game linux build run at x3 speed (SOLVED)

Twitch streamer YourBr0ther playthrough