`window.set_listener()` doesn’t trigger `WINDOW_EVENT_FOCUS_LOST` on phone call(iOS) (Issue-4160) (SOLVED)


Engine is paused when phone call or Siri interruption on iOS 10+. But window.set_listener() doesn’t trigger WINDOW_EVENT_FOCUS_LOST.
Did anyone test it with ios 10+ recently?

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Tbh, I haven’t really considered that scenario before (and I would have thought this already worked :confused: )
I guess we need to handle that case in a more special manner.

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Does it work on older iOS versions? What about Android?



Created Issue-4160

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Unfortunately I don’t have the older phone with iOS 9.x.
I didn’t test it on Android yet. Our prior target is iOS right now and I’m completely drown in it. But I will test it on Android soon.



I’ve added this for the 1.2.158 sprint (ie not the one starting on Monday). Can’t guarantee anything though. We have quite a lot on our plate right now and need to make some tough choices priority wise.

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I found a old iphone 4S with 9.3.5, it is not working. (EVENT_RESIZED is triggered but not FOCUS_LOST)



Ok, thanks for helping out and providing additional information!

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Solved in 1.2.159