Win10 game.project is blank


I’ve just fresh installed the defold. I’m newbie on the editor but i think the issue is not my fault. I was following lectures from youtube and there is some options appears on “game.project” file when i open the file as a text i can see some attributes, but normally blank!

Note: OS -> Win10 - 64 Bit
The latest version of the Defold, which is prefer download on official website

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Does the project build and run or do you get an error?

Does anyone else using Windows 10 have this problem?



It’s fresh Project, just clicked new empty Project so no build error. Also i have MacBook Air i tried with it and also its same. Am i missing something or its really bug?



And you get this when you double click on game.project in the editor?



Exactly, while watching tutorial he was getting atttibutes. Win10 & OS X Catalina i am getting same blank screen both os.



I checked now on win10 again this time by creating mobile project,
game.project and game.input_binding, default.gamepads etc are blank.
Source files are opens normally. Console is working properly, i can build project and test i’ve just installed to try defold platform but couldn’t use it. Hopefully you will solve this issue, i really liked design of editor. It’s so simple no too much things focus to 2d but unfortunately i couldn’t use it.

I’ve tried also with tutorial project “side scroller” one. “.script”, “.go”, image formats, and all scripts are okay, build is okay but i couldn’t see game.project and when i open as a text i cannot edit also above files also same, the blanks one.



Until the problem is fixed, you can always open your game.project with a separate text editor (just Wordpad or something) and set the values by hand. It’s not very convenient, but at least you can continue to work.

You can see a list of all the project settings here



Can you see if you find anything in the log files?