Wierd input focus handling on iOS Safari

When using the Defold-input asset and the onscreen component, there is some wierd focus problem going on in iOS Safari. Have tried this both in my own project and on the demo site.

If any of you have an iOS device, could you please try this and verify it’s not only on my device:

  1. Open https://britzl.github.io/Defold-Input/
  2. Click “Onscreen”
  3. Drag the joystick (doesn’t work)

Now instead go back and again

  1. Click “Onscreen”
  2. Now click in the middle of screen
  3. Drag the joystick (now it works again)

The other tests on that demo seems to work fine.

Also it seems to be related to multitouch. When removing the touch_multisettings in my project’s input binding file, it works fine.

Hi there,

I can confirm this problem on my Iphone 6, software version 12.5.5

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Ok, will try to debug on my Mac when I get back to the office. Thanks for trying it out!