Who do you use for game text translation?


I’m looking for English -> Korean translator at the moment. I remember a site posted here before by someone which seemed good but I can’t remember it and search isn’t finding it…

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I haven’t tried the actual translation service of https://poeditor.com/ but I really love it as a tool with it’s export features and also there seem to be some kind of crowdsourcing open source translation service as well. At least worth checking out.

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Just in case it’s ever useful for you guys, I am a professional Spanish - English translator by the way. My website is http://www.watsonlanguages.com. I have a C1 level of Spanish (and work in a team with native Spanish speakers, when it is appropriate) and have done a great number of translation projects. The biggest was around 40,000 words.

Sorry I don’t speak Korean though!

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