whDefQuest – a library for quest games


Hello all!

I’ve created a library that can help you to build quest games with Defold. I started to work on it during UDGJ#1, but we didn’t manage to finish the game. But I thought that the library I created is good enough to share. So, I polished it a bit and now it’s ready!

Let me know if you like it. Improvement ideas are welcome, but I don’t have much time to work on it. Pull requests are always welcome though :slight_smile:



Woa! I am currently designing dialogs, inventory and quest systems :smiley: I was reading about them a lot and last month I started implementation of my own idea, so let’s compare it with yours! :smiley: It’s great you shared it, for me it will be very, veeery helpful :blush: I will dive in and see if I can contribute somehow :wink: Thanks!



I updated the demo project a bit, now it looks nicer :slight_smile:



Funny fact: the documentation for whDefQuest is longer, than the library itself :slight_smile: