Upcoming releases and support during Christmas holidays


The days are growing increasingly cold and dark here in Stockholm and the team will soon be winding down and leaving for a well deserved Christmas holiday break. But fear not! We will be back, reinvigorated and gorged on Swedish glühwine, gingerbread snaps, herring, ham and everything else that you’ll find on a traditional Swedish Julbord (literally translated to Christmas table aka Christmas smörgåsbord).

Upcoming releases:

  • Defold 1.2.144 will be released on Wednesday the 19th of December
  • Defold 1.2.145 will be released on Monday the 21st of January 2019

Support in december:

  • Most of the team will be on vacation throughout Christmas and New Year. Expect slower and fewer replies from members of the Defold team.



happy holidays everyone :space_invader:


…and a happy New Year!

Take a break. You’ve earned it.


Didn’t realize this word was Swedish. We sometimes use it as smorgasbord/g in English (usually used by older men I’ve found), but seems to mean same thing. A potluck, feast, buffet, a variety of things.


It’s actually is spelled smörgåsbord, and in english, the ö becomes o. Type “ö” and you’ll show your leet smörgås skills ^^


Since I love etymology, I’ll just remember it means “smear goose board” =P


Wesołych Świąt! :wink: Merry Christmas and a very happy and fruitful New Year! :wink: Thanks for all your good job made this year and earlier! :wink:


Happy holidays and New Year!


Enjoy your holiday and don’t forget to add joints to the physics extension!