Untitled 3D Space Shooter


I wanted to see what pain points I could find with doing 3D in Defold, so I started on a small space shooter. No idea what about mechanics or theme, the goal is foremost to test out the workflow a bit. First wip with meatball textures:




Looks great! That camera angle is making me extremely uncomfortable for some reason though.



Thanks! What, really? :thinking: It’s a fixed 70 degrees tilt on the x-axis, not sure it’ll stay like that later on but we’ll see!

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Looking at the gif a few more times, I think my anxiety peaks as the pillar moves at the bottom-centre of the screen and blocks a significant part of the view, so maybe the angle in itself is not to blame.

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Cool! Do you plan to share the code for this at some point? I’m quite interested in the technique to do cast shadows. Last time I tried to research it, it was way over my head.



The forum supports uploading mp4s it’s a little faster than gifs!

Can you test enabling meshes for collision? :slight_smile:

Another you could test would be making it so particles can always face the camera. Billboard sprites.



@ross.grams: yeah, I’ll exctract bits and pieces into separate examples if there’s anything interesting. But I’ll put the project somewhere as well since I wont release it anyway :slight_smile:

@Pkeod: yeah, I’m on it!



Neat meat



Cool! Go for it.



Looks Great !!



Wow, it looks nice! Hope it won’t be complicated to make more then in 2D :smiley: Will there be new components in Defold for 3D purposes? Will there be a light component or is there a trick to create such shadows?

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Defold is already capable for doing things in 3D as it is, but it is a lot more involved math-wise than regular 2D so I guess it scares people off a bit. Also, there’s not that many example available with 3D rendering in Defold so a part of this little project is to see if I can help out a bit with that and release bits and pieces :slight_smile:



Looks very cool ! Can you share the project or code ? I want to know how do you implement shadow ? I have implemented shadow mapping , but it has some problems on some mobile.

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Thanks! Yeah, I’ll extract the shadow stuff today and put it somewhere :slight_smile: I haven’t tested the shadows on mobile so I might have the same issues as you… What problems did you have with your implementation?

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Which method do you use ? shadow mapping or shadow volume ? I use shadow mapping. It would lead to 3d model rendering error.



This happens when model material has vertex space set to local. It seems to look right with vertex space set to world but I think that’s the old CPU way? Use world for game objects and local for high poly terrain?

If there is anyone on your team who is a blender pro and could make a Blender -> Defold process video with all of the things that should be done that would be helpful!



The editor doesnt transform on the GPU, do you get the same behaviour when running? Would you be able to share it or make a repro case?

The blunder expert would be @sven :slight_smile:

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In engine it’s fine no issues.

Repro is setup one model with default model material attached to a go, duplicate it and move it then rotate camera. If it matters the models I’m using are scaled by 10,10,10. Here is a sample open the “open me” collection and then rotate the editor’s camera to see the swapping of what’s drawn.

Editor3DModelIssue.zip (12.1 KB)

Any King technical artists who could coop with @sven to make a Blender<->Defold workflow video? :slight_smile:

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