Unknown source: Unknown texture format SOLVED



I’m getting this error when building. Can anyone advice on where i might look for a solution?

I can build, but can’t bundle for Android.



Are you using texture profiles?



Not that I am aware of!



Is it possible one of the images in your project is actually for example one format even though it was saved with another extension? Did you make all of the images or download some from the net?

What I would do is make a copy of your project, and start deleting stuff in that copy until it bundles properly for Android. That will let you narrow down the problem asset.

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sounds like a good idea. I guess if it’s a texture it has to be an image, right? what other files could it be?

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if you can produce this in a small repro project, I’d be very happy to add better error logging for the next person :slight_smile:

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Okay not sure if this is the same bug or not: but I’m having trouble with my old enemy, ._ files. (dot underbar or dot underscore files). I can’t view these in the defold browser, nor in mac finder, nor can i delete them by “reverting” them using the panel on the bottom left. I had to use dot_clean in the terminal to delete them. They have the .png extension so I believe defold tries to bundle them, but they contain metadata. This is an old bug I came across a while ago. I’m bundling now, I’ll let you know if it works.

edit: it bundles fine after deleting ._ files. This is an old bug!



Where do these come from?



I think either GIMP image manipulation programme or something else. Various programmes can cause them to appear (it’s when the storage format doesn’t allow metadata contained within the file itself, or something like that).