Unity Shipped Its Tiny Mode Yesterday


I know this topic may not be welcomed here, but it’s really cool.


Yeah, saw that too. They shipped their TypeScript (yes, not C#) preview with a subset of Unity features.

They make bold claims about 3-4 times as many animated sprites at 60FPS on an iPhone 6s than competitors. I’d like to see the benchmarks myself to be honest.

If anyone has played around with it then please share your experience here.


I took a look at the Tiny forum over at Unity and there is a lot of things that aren’t yet supported. It is expected of a preview though, but judging from many of the questions people expected it to be all of the Unity features but with a smaller bundle size.


Haven’t played with it myself, but from what I’ve read looks like they rewrote the engine native, rather than going the webasm/emscripten route. That is why probably it also features canvas fallback in absence of webgl, and also why a lot of features are not supported yet.


I believe it is still pretty barebones, but it’s good to see that they’re investing time/effort on html5 builds that are not webasm/emscripten.
For native js/html builds I need to stick to Pixi.js or Phaser, but then I suffer from the lack of editors for both. This fact makes me always wish that Defold (or Unity) could have a great support for native js/html build as well. Hope this day will come soon :upside_down_face: