Unfolding Gamedev - video tutorial series

The full source code to the completed project (Space Shooter tutorial) is now public on my github: :rocket:

Feel free to use it! :heart:


My cheeky comparison of Defold vs Unity: :smiley:


Great video! Thank you for sharing it!


Any way we can support these videos? I guess I could subscribe to your Patreon and just let you know that it’s intended to support Unfolding Defold (though I’d like to support Witchcrafter too! :sweat_smile: ).

Well done, really good editing and a great topic to cover.


I suspended charging for my Patreons, because I do not add there a lot regarding Witchcrafter, it’s in a very silent state, but soon I will run it up again, maybe explaining I’m making more than Witchcrafter actually :smiley:
For now - the best support for me - is by sharing, liking and commenting those videos! :heart:
Also, YT allows some small monetization of videos, but only for channels with over 1000 subscribers, so I’m way before it :sweat_smile:

Next video will be a summary of everything that happened to Defold in 2022 - and next, as asked on Discord some tutorial on rendering (but I’m so noobish in this area :sweat_smile:)


from someone who just started playing with defold, i really appreciate your videos. clear, concise exposition, no rants, no repetitions, no ‘uhmmm’. as of now I never felt the need to fast forward or skip.

only thing, and please please don’t take it the wrong way, there are some cases where your voice gradually decreases in intensity as if your new born has just fallen asleep in the other room and you don’t want to wake her up.
I know it’s an insignificant detail but it’s the only thing that made me think of a home production rather than a professional one.


It’s because I cut them off! :sweat_smile:

It happened once, exactly as you described - I have twins, but I try to record when they’re in kindergarten, but yeah, it’s definitely a home production :sweat_smile:

Generally, I also must sometimes re-record some parts and it’s clearly hearable - I never ever thought about it, but since sometime I hear those differences and try to practice to control my voice to perform with the same tone, intensity etc to match the rest of the recording, but it’s very hard, so now I also appreciate voice actors much more!

For example, once I recorded some parts very early in the morning and I didn’t know my voice is so different! It’s like in this video: your voice first thing in the morning - YouTube

I can already produce a few minutes long video with bloopers and slips of tongue from what I recorded up to this point :sweat_smile: Also, I’m not native, so sometimes it’s immensely hard for me to spell some words, that native could say with ease!

Nevertheless, I will take your advice to my heart and try my best to maintain the same voice quality over the whole video! :wink:


The effort to refresh my experience with Unity was worth it - this video has now, after one day, more views than “What is Defold?” since the beginning managed to gather :smiley: Catchy theme :sweat_smile:


I didn’t want to comment it on YT. There is a mismatch at around 3:22 when you talk about C# with a C++ code in the background.
Anyway, great stuff! Thank you!

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I will check this out soon!! It was suggested to me on YT but I was looking into something else at the time. Well done for creating such fantastic content (I have seen your other videos, they are very high quality)


Check out my summary of what was added to Defold and other interesting things regarding Defold in 2022!


That’s a great overview! Thanks for all your hard work on the videos as always.


I agree. What a great video! It’s really cool to see everything we did last year summarized in a video like this! Thank you @Pawel !


Thank you guys! :heart:

I’m preparing now materials for an overview of amazing Defold assets, there is 190 in Asset Portal and only in 2022 additional 23 were introduced! :star_struck:

I’m also slowly starting preparing next tutorial for rendering pipelines and shaders (I’m only a 2D guy - if someone would like to add something for 3D, I would be very glad to cooperate! :wink:)


So, rendering pipelines where funny to work on, but also really exhausting :smiley:
Hope it will help many people understand rendering pipelines and how graphics are made!

Render Pipelines Explained:


Dude thats awesome! Good luck with the series!!!


Great video!


And a natural continuation to the previous video - analyzing Defold’s render script!


Another excellent video. You are really great at explaining things. Thank you!


Next video is live!

This time I explain how to make simple lighting in Defold - Screen Space Light Maps!

Additionally, the full source code is available on my Github:

Thank you to @britzl for creating such example back then and other helpful community members helping understand it, when I was at the phase, when I had no idea how to make it! :heart:

I hope it will help other developers starting adding post-processing effects to Defold :wink: