Umniah Jam - 3 ppl (from Jordan) win a week in Stockholm with the Defold team (travel+hotel paid for)


Lot’s of info here -


2 months online jam for game devs living in Jordan. Umniah will pay (travel+accommodation) for 3 ppl to fly to Stockholm and spend a week in the King offices together with the Defold team.

The jam is arranged by Umniah and hosted by the Defold team.

Please check out the full info, and then we would love to get all comments / questions.


Is it open for Jordanians residing outside Jordan? and is it open for non Jordanians residing in Jordan?

Thanks for this great opportunity and good luck to everyone.


Another question:
This jam is focused on the engine, therefore it’s mostly aimed for developers. What about designers? Are there any features/ways for designers in Defold that they can utilize?


Regarding designers joining. Defold is not a tool created to let you make a game without writing any code.

The prize for the jam however is for 3 people (not 3 teams), so for all designers out there, join up with developers and form teams!

This forum thread is one place for people to find each other, as is places like


Just to clarify this. The competition is open to everyone residing in Jordan. But to win you must be able to travel to Sweden (so you are responsible to arrange visa etc).

Ticket price for flights and hotel are paid for in full by Umniah.


In order to give people plenty of time to finish their games. We have decided to push the final deadline one full month to February 28th! (Naturally, this also means we push the winners trip).

Best of luck to all of you participating!