Trick Colors 2


My friend and I have been using defold individually for quite a while and we love it. It’s so simple and fun to use. We’ve made our latest game with defold. It’s called Trick Colors 2.

It’s a casual puzzle involving colors and words.

How to play :


The right box to tap in the first picture is the blue box because the question reads “What Word ?” to which the answer is blue hence the blue box. The right box to tap in the second picture is the red box due to the question being “What Color ?”. The answer is red because the color of the word displayed is red although the word displayed is green.

  1. Frictions reduce the speed of the word back to the starting speed.
  2. Chances is the number of wrong answers or misses allowed before a game over
  3. Respawns allow you to resume a session after a game over.

We plan to add new features to improve the game over time.

Its only available on Android for now, the iOS version will be released soon.

We hope you like it.