Translating Defold manual


Hello there I am a programmer, and I would like to know if anyone is interested in reading the Defold manual in their own mother language. I can make it done very easily. Please let know if you guys want this or not.



How easily? Don’t tell me google translation.

You have Chinese guys working for you?

I’ve read the Chinese edition of the Spine manual. It’s a piece of …

Sorry I don’t trust them. They just want money but don’t give a shit about any job.



No !, none of the Chinese guys are working for me. It is not easy actually, it will take plenty of times but I just want to know that is it worth doing it ?. Does any one actually need one?. Because now a days all they use is google translation. Please let me know.



That’s right.
There’s a large large game market here in my country.
So I’m doing the right thing I think.
Feel free to do yours if you really like Defold.



To be honest after seeing the responses, I do not think that I would want to. But I really should give it a shot. My program would be like, you can put any language as a paragraph and it would translate, I suppose google is already doing that, and that is why I got no responses. Now I am clear.



Yes, it sounds like Google Translate. What is the difference then? It’s interesting

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Hi, yes it is the same thing and that is why I realised that people are not interested with it as they are already having this benefit with google translation.

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