Topdown Vehicle Shooter Roguelike

I’ve recently started work on a (hopefully!) small project in the hopes that I can make and release something without making it overly complicated for myself

The idea’s fairly simple: Shoot and avoid waves of enemies to progress on your run, and use points to buy upgrades which will make your life a little easier (in the short term)

I plan to release the game on mobile if possible, since I can monetise it without charging anyone money (I know I know, nobody likes ads)

I’ve opted for a really simple control scheme, which is nothing more than a simple tap and drag (as shown in the demo below)

Here’s a short demonstration of some of the current mechanics

Of course, nothing here is final, especially since I only started this a few days ago, but it gives a general idea of how the game would move

I don’t expect this thread to be too long, but I’ve never done one of these before and decided that this was as good a time as any to try it out, so enjoy `:)


Quick update for today, I’ve got semi-functional enemies working, and I toyed about with the shaders a little to get some simple effects going

There’s a bit of an issue with the player’s enemy detection that I’ll need to work on, and I’d like to see if I can get a decent outline shader working, but aside from that I’m fairly happy with the progress so far

Other than the enemy detection, I think I’m done with the player script for now (we’ll see I guess), so I’ll be shifting my focus on the enemies and their spawning mechanics now `:)


Ah, I forgot to mention, I’d like to thank @Pawel for his shaders for beginners tutorial, it was a massive help in getting a decent understanding of fragment shaders and materials!


Great work! :+1: Keeping my fingers crossed for the project! :grin:


Much appreciated!

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Last update of the week (I think)!

As of last update, I’ve got a (very crude) outline shader, along with a new player sprite, firing effect, and some small bug fixes. In addition to this, I’ve decided to implement @ross.grams’s rendercam asset and I have to say it’s an incredible tool to say the least!

Here’s some footage of the new changes

I’m very pleased with how this is going, and as I said I’ll be shifting my focus onto the enemies now, since they’re very vital to gameplay as a whole (: