Today i get very strange bug 1.6.2

run on win 10
ctrl + b and bundle too. on html 5 work normal

build just self closed. in console


ERROR:CRASH:  0 0x7FF6CEC9C639 <unknown symbol> <unknown>:0

ERROR:CRASH:  1 0x7FF6CF0310E4 <unknown symbol> <unknown>:0

ERROR:CRASH:  2 0x7FF6CF08437E <unknown symbol> <unknown>:0

ERROR:CRASH:  3 0x7FF6CEFEECE8 <unknown symbol> <unknown>:0

ERROR:CRASH:  4 0x7FFFD96723AF <unknown symbol> <unknown>:0

ERROR:CRASH:  5 0x7FFFD96214B4 <unknown symbol> <unknown>:0

ERROR:CRASH:  6 0x7FFFD9670EBE <unknown symbol> <unknown>:0

ERROR:CRASH:  7 0x7FF6CECC1422 <unknown symbol> <unknown>:0

ERROR:CRASH:  8 0x7FF6CED26ADB <unknown symbol> <unknown>:0

ERROR:CRASH:  9 0x7FF6CECFB3A7 <unknown symbol> <unknown>:0

ERROR:CRASH: 10 0x7FF6CEDEE78B <unknown symbol> <unknown>:0

ERROR:CRASH: 11 0x7FF6CECFB3A7 <unknown symbol> <unknown>:0

ERROR:CRASH: 12 0x7FF6CED6E790 <unknown symbol> <unknown>:0

ERROR:CRASH: 13 0x7FF6CED697B7 <unknown symbol> <unknown>:0

ERROR:CRASH: 14 0x7FF6CED6EEE1 <unknown symbol> <unknown>:0

ERROR:CRASH: 15 0x7FF6CEC8A372 <unknown symbol> <unknown>:0

ERROR:CRASH: 16 0x7FF6CEFEE900 <unknown symbol> <unknown>:0

ERROR:CRASH: 17 0x7FFFD7CC7344 <unknown symbol> <unknown>:0

ERROR:CRASH: 18 0x7FFFD96226B1 <unknown symbol> <unknown>:0


i work with websocket (1.3 KB)

first time on 2 years (((

p/s yestoday windows is update

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Do you have any steps to reproduce the issue?

sorry, but i fink its imposible.

i have a local websoket server, redis, maria db. big and dificult project (

how on max length on websoket message?

this bug is strange. if i start battle on 2 players - work fine. but if for 4 players - maybe recived data is too big?

and i use async websocket, and aes encrypt.

maybe i record a video?

windows window just self closed((

The problem is floating. sometimes it works fine

i send video to you private message

please check

It seems like this is in a release build. Could you please create a debug build and try to reproduce?

Also, when you have a crash file you can read it by dropping it here: Defold Crash Inspector

i send video to you private message

please check

I can’t play that video format.

As Björn suggested, are you building using debug or release build?
We suggest using a debug build, as it may output information to the log.
What does the log output say?

How are you building it? Editor or using bob.jar?

If you can’t share the project, can you create a small repro case in which the problem occurs?

i convert to mp4.

no small repo. project not work without server side

please check private message

i found problem place and try fix it

So, in the video, it’s a build from “Build & RUn” on Win32 that dosen’t output anything useful before crashing.

It’s going to be hard for us to guess what’s going on here.
My first suggestion is that you bundle a Win32 debug build, and launch that through Visual Studio debugger.

What was the issue?

problem in get data from websoket server

i found problem.

if i send <= 2048 bytes - work fine.

if i send > 2048 bytes - project is closed.

britzl - how i can fix this problem? on server side i increase bufer size.

how about defold?

i cant decrease data size - its need only for init battle

i try zlib

Using a web socket connection? I’m surprised if 2048 is the upper size of a message/frame.

Yes. There is no such thing in the html5 version. There is also a problem in the android and windows version

im just google only this

just as example

It seems like we dont document it, but you can configure the buffer size:

I don’t remember if that is the buffer for reading or writing though. You’ll have to follow the code path and figure it out yourself. Open a feature request if you need more config options.

Thank you for your reply. I’m new to defold. And I don’t understand C++ at all.

Can you explain to me what I should do? or I’ll just create a feature request on Github. I would like you to add this functionality to the project settings.

In your game.project file, open it as text, and add (number is bytes):

buffer_size = 131072

unfortunately it didn’t help. Maybe try to somehow catch the error using pcall or try catch or some other tools