This is a Test (Hopefully to be my first indie game to be released)

July 4th, 2022.

Happy July 4th, everyone! I hope everyone’s day went well, including for those outside of the States.

I’m going to start working on a smaller project, as I promised myself, and this is going to be it.
The game I’ll be calling “This is a Test”.

The gameplay itself is going to be a basic platformer, but for the real juice, people will have to play on for a bit longer to get into the real lore.

I also just realized that my best friend’s birthday is coming up, so I wanted to make this game especially for him. However, this also means I can’t talk much about the project for fear that he may find out and spoil his birthday gift. ^-^"

So that’s going to be it for now.
This is ZaTimou, signing off. : )


July 16th, 2022.

Gosh, I wanted the game to be done quick, but I had no idea it would be done this quickly!

This is a Test is now finished, and my best friend has received it as an early birthday present. I wish him a very happy birthday! :D

Now that the game is finished, though, I can probably talk a little about it without worrying about spoiling it to my friend.

This is a Test is a very short platformer game, and was built as if it were a “test”. The artstyle and playstyle is meant to be somewhat minimalistic. The story within goes a bit further, albeit not by much. :P

The link to the game is here:
Because it’s such a small game, I set the price to $1.50. It’s not quite purchaseable yet (not until about a week from now, on my friend’s birthday)

Have fun for everyone who wants to give it a shot!

This is ZaTimou, signing off. :3


Well now the price is nothing. :3
It’s long after its prime, and I suppose making something is such a short amount of time shouldn’t be worth too much anyway. -w-

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Respect the value of your own games, even if they’re really short and simple! I find it worth to make things free anyways but accept donations if the goal is just for people to play the game.