The project was deleted after dragging the folder from WinRar

Hi, I recently found a bug that completely deleted my project from a computer. I put a link from the video, in it I show this bug on the new project. Defold version 192.
What was done: I added it depending on, but the library does not appear in the file tree. It was also impossible to access the library from scripts. Then I decided to download the library for a direct link and add the missing folder to the project. I open the archive with WinRar, dragging the folder to the project, I answer the request for file replacement “Yes”. Next for a moment I stay with an empty project folder.
It is strange that when using WinRar Defold asks about replacing files. But this dialog box does not appear when I throw a unpacked library folder (in this case the project is not deleted, a new folder simply appears).

It seems like Defold is prevented from downloading the zip file for some reason. The editor log may give contain some information about this:

I wonder what happens when you drag the folder like that from WinRAR? Especially since Defold indicates that files will be replaced. That is a clue that the drag’n’drop action from WinRAR carries with it a path that maybe replaces the entire project root or something equally strange.

Could you please open a ticket on GitHub for this issue?

The link isn’t

It should be the link to the .zip archive:

Also, after adding the dependency, you must (the first time only) choose “Project → Fetch Libraries” from the editor menu.

Yes, everything was done in this way. In the applied video it can be seen.

I created a ticket and added logs:

The library wasn’t set up correctly. Does it work if you try again now?

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Many thanks, everything worked :+1: