The icon does not exist

When building for everything except HTML5 I get an error that the icon does not exist. I did mess with the icons loosely following this thread.

I don’t totally understand how the icons and the .ico file type work.

You mean to say that you get the same error when bundling for Windows as when bundling for Android?

Yes, and MacOS.

Can you share the project with me? (


How did you share it? Did you send it by e-mail (if so then I haven’t received it). Did you add me to the project via the dashboard (if so what’s the project name)?

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I added you using your email on my dashboard.

Ok, good.

I have a ton of projects in my list. Many of them are not my own but rather projects I’ve been invited to look at for one reason or another. Is your project named CoxBox?

The paths aren’t matching:

app_icons vs appicons

I was able to bundle for HTML5 and Android but not Windows and OSX (where the paths are wrong).

Ok, so if I change the paths to match then I should be good?

Does the app icon have to be of the .ico type?

Yes, I believe so. It will for sure not work if the path is wrong :slight_smile:

The format should be the one that is standard for the OS in question. For Windows it should be .ico format. You can use an online tool such as to create the file.


Here’s some more info about what sizes are currently supported.

We’d like to improve on that workflow a lot, but I’m afraid it’s not in the roadmap.