The Drone

Thank you all for this game engine. Started to look at it this weekend and it was really easy to use.

Idea is to create something that is a 2d platform game very similar to some of the games I liked back in the days. Like Flashback, Another World and Blackthorne.

Right now the game miss much of physics engine and collision. Still playing around with objects, GUI and interactions to see what can be made. Later when things get more ready I will try a good place where to add this project so people can try it out.


Music is from



You have my attention!

Speaking of Another World, you might enjoy this music video, made in Defold:


Really nice video. First impression was that it was in German until I listen and heard it was Swedish. :slight_smile: But it was really cool. Really liked the animation and how it was done.

Another World was so unforgiving.

I was thinking about writing on weekends but I felt that I have done some progress so wanted to share some. Once again, thank you for all help in forum and on slack.

What have been added is:

  • Some physics so character can jump on platforms
  • Different music for different scenes
  • Collection proxy that handles load of different scenes menu -> intro -> game
  • GUI for menu and intro with dialog

What will be started on:

  • Get shooting work again after adding physics
  • Some enemies
  • Fix objects to interact on

Looks great! I look forward to following your progress!


I have created a small demo that show some animations and movement. Some monsters with HP.

space - shoot
a,d - left, right
w - jump