The Defold Discord


As none of you may know, there is an unofficial Defold Discord server born right here, in the forums. It’s been dead for some time, but I think it deserves another shot. One thing that I think caused it to fall into obscurity is that it wasn’t really advertised at all. If it was prominently displayed on the forums and/or made official, it could be a smash hit and help a lot of people get their questions answered fast. I know someone’s going to say “Oh, why don’t you just make a forum post with your question?”. The problem is that it can take hours or even days to get help on forums, but I’ve had my questions answered a lot faster on various Discord servers. The other thing is that, at least for me, it feels like you have to write your simple question into a professional-looking paragraph, while on Discord you can just say “yo dawg, how do you do this thing”. That’s just my opinion, so you might feel differently. And yes, I know there’s Slack, but 1) I don’t like it as much as Discord and 2) it has the same problems.

TL;DR: I really wish the Defold Discord was advertised more, because it would be really helpful.


These forums are above averagely speedy at answering questions. It’s also better to ask questions publicly on these forums so they can be searched and others can get questions answered instantly by searching. It is unlikely that the existing chat community will migrate from slack to discord.


We made the decision to use Slack since we like Slack more than Discord :slight_smile:

Depending on your timezone and the nature of your question you can get an answer really fast or you may have to wait an hour or two. Frustrating as that may be I don’t think it will improve by adding another communication channel to the mix.


I for one didn’t know. If it became active again, I’d be interested in giving it a go :slight_smile:



I like slack more than discord for business/development related communities. It has features such as threads that are a bit more useful for a structured environment.


People tent to get together in places that are easier/more convenient for them. There are many community-driven initiatives: Polish, Korean and Japanese Defold groups on FB, Russian Defold group on VK and a Telegram chat, etc.

So if Discord is close to your heart, well, fine! Attract more people there, help to make it a lovely place to hang out at. I am sure, many Defold/King employees and many people from the forum would join it from time to time.


I had this question as well but in my opinion asking questions here is way better than on discord or slack because

  1. this forum is pretty fast at answering
  2. questions on chatting apps can be lost sometimes if the server is big and full of people


So far I would say the forums are pretty quick at getting help. I like discord too, not so much for the help factor but as a place to connect with other users, having conversations with them. I’ve never used slack personally, but I will most likely check that out as well. Discord can be good for asking questions and getting answers, but not for documenting them for the next person looking for the same thing.

I did sign in to the discord, so if you want to have a chat I’ll be on there :slight_smile: